We stay true to our vision by giving our students opportunities to develop faith, excellence, and compassion through various vibrant activities and programs.

High School Department:

Junior High School: Grades 7 to 10

Senior High School: Grades 11 to 12

  • Student Discipleship
    Our High school students are given opportunities to understand how to live out their faith. Our programs are designed to address various aspects of a young adult’s spiritual development through:
  • Growth Groups – to understand the need for accountability and support
  • Christian living classes – to ensure continuous exposure to God’s Word
  • RIOT (Righteous Invasion of Truth) – for corporate worship times
  • WAP (Worship and Prayer) – for weekly devotions
  • Houses of Prayer – opportunities to pray together
  • Special Seminars – discusses relevant topics on Purity, Politics, and how Christians respond
  • Outreach – chance to put love into action through activities with public school children and less-privileged communities
  • Immersion – another opportunity to show love by helping build churches, share the gospel, and engage the community
  • Retreats – annual activity for Grades 10 and 12 students to be refreshed and reenergized by God’s Word before moving to the next stage of their academic life
  • Mental Wellness
    We have teachers trained in counselling who check on students and their needs. Peer group sessions are also created to encourage interaction among students.

Outreach and immersion programs, and retreats are currently on hold as they require students to be in various locations when participating.

4 Houses for prayer

  • Council of Stewards
    This is our student council. They are student-elected officers that govern the High School community. They are given opportunities to hone their leadership skills by allowing them to create activities and bring initiatives that can improve their lives as students. These currently include online programs and after-school clubs such as:
  • New Student Support – new students are welcomed into the school community through fellowship and collaborative activities
  • The Owl Pamphlet – a club for budding writers
  • We the Artists – a club for art enthusiasts
  • Filmanthropy – a club for film enthusiasts
  • Mayari – a club for aspiring actors and those interested in video production
  • Likha – a club for budding song-writers
  • Gaming Club – a club for fellowship while playing games
  • Project Pambata – a club that reaches out to help provide access to education for underpriveleged Filipino children
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