Our school year runs from August to May.

No, we do not have an IB program. We are considered an international school because we are accredited by the Bureau of Immigration to accept foreign students (BOI Accreditation No. ADD03-018/AAFS No. JHM-16-SHS-T077)

Kinder students need to be 5 years old no later than October 31 to be able to qualify for Kinder as stated in DepEd Order 47, s. 2016.

Yes! Families who have different belief systems are welcome to apply and be part of our school community.

Unfortunately, we do not have a bus service.

Ventilation equipment in each classroom include aircon HEPA filter, ceiling fan, exhaust fan, and air purifier. Each class also has their own infection safety kit, including a digital thermometer, extra face masks, and CO2 monitor. Social distancing signs and stickers and automated alcohol dispensers can be found throughout the school. Bathrooms also include automated soap dispensers and sink faucets.

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