We stay true to our vision by giving our students opportunities to develop faith, excellence, and compassion through various vibrant activities and programs.

Pre School and Grade School:

  • Student Discipleship
    One of the distinctions of an ICS education is the centrality of knowing and loving Jesus. Aside from ensuring that lessons in class connects to the reality of God’s sovereign grace, students are exposed to various Christian disciplines like:
  • Student Fellowships – junior worship services, usually done per level
  • Christian living classes – studying God’s Word and its practical application
  • Retreats – annual activity for Grade 6 students to be refreshed and reenergized by God’s Word before transitioning to Junior High School
  • Bible Week – annual culminating activity of guilds that usually ends with an evangelistic event
  • Outreaches – activities that focus on social responsibility and evangelism
  • Mental Wellness
    We have teachers trained in counselling who check on students and their needs. Peer group sessions are also created to encourage interaction among students.

Outreach and retreats are currently on hold as they require students to be in various locations when participating.

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